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October 2015 Market Wrap

Investment markets bounced back from consecutive monthly losses, with solid gains recorded across all major share markets. For the month of October, the All Ordinaries Index gained 4.5% to close at 5,288.7 points.

Global shares were solid in October with the US Dow Jones Index gaining 8.5% the London FTSE gaining 4.9%, the Japan Nikkei 225 Index gaining 8.2% and the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index gaining 8.6% in September.


September 2015 Market Wrap

Continued fears of a slowdown in Chinese economic growth and falling commodity prices resulted in global share markets continuing to decline in September. As if these issues weren’t enough, Tony Abbott was ousted as Prime Minister with Malcolm Turnbull becoming the 29th Prime Minister of Australia.

For the month of September, the All Ordinaries Index declined 3.1% to close at 5,058.5 points. Global shares were all down with the US Dow Jones Index falling 1.5%, the London FTSE falling 3.0%, the Japan Nikkei 225 Index falling 8.0% and the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index falling 3.8% in September.


August 2015 Monthly Wrap

It was a horror month for the Australian share market, as fears over a slowdown in Chinese growth sparked an aggressive sell-off in global markets towards the end of the month.

The All Ordinaries Index fell 8.1% in August to close at 5,222.1 points. Global shares were down with the Dow Jones Index falling 6.6%, the FTSE falling 6.7%, the Nikkei 225 Index falling 8.2% and the Hang Seng Index falling 12.0%.