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December 2016 Market Wrap

Key investment markets took-off towards the end of 2016, with the All Ordinaries index gaining 3.9% to close the month of December at 5,719.1 points.  For the 2016 calendar year, the All Ordinaries index gained 7.0%.

International markets were generally stronger in December (and for the 2016 calendar year for that matter). In December, the United States Dow Jones index gained 3.3%, the London FTSE gained 5.3% and the Japan Nikkei 225 gained 4.4%.

Bucking the trend was the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index that declined by 3.5% in December. This marked the second consecutive month of decline for the Hang Seng Index, driven largely from anti-China Trump policies.


November 2016 Market Wrap

November marked one of the most extraordinary election upsets in political history. Donald Trump defied polls, pundits and markets in a stunning upset to become the 45th president of the United States.

The Australian share market gained  1.9% in the month of November, closing at 5,502.4 points. The United States Dow Jones index gained 5.4% and the Japan Nikkei 225 gained 5.1%.


October 2016 Market Wrap

The Australian share market declined by 2.2% in the month of October, closing at 5,402.4 points. The Australian Dollar declined by 0.8% for the month, with 1 Australian Dollar currently buying 76.1 US cents.

Global investment markets were mixed in October. The US Dow Jones Index fell 0.9%, the London FTSE gained 0.8%, the Japan Nikkei 225 gained 5.9% and the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index fell 1.6% in the month.